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Grab these 5 High-Quality Shorts from VLONE

When it comes to streetwear, shorts aren’t the first thing anyone thinks of. Shorts are an outlier when it comes to such a thing. Of course, you could argue about skater shorts, but that’s not exactly what we’re talking about here. When you think shorts, you either think exercise or you think sleep.

You rarely ever think about style. Well, when it comes to shorts, we’ve decided to infuse style into those shorts. You can wear them however you want, whether it be a night out or a night in. Also, when you think of shorts, you don’t think to pair them with anything daring. Well, you would not in the past. But these days, in streetwear, shorts signify a daring and an elevated taste. Ladies,

These have been so popular that they are being adopted in the mainstream. There is certainly a case for shorts being normalized in casual wear now. Gone are the days of the cargo shorts or the days of the bland and the tasteless. When it comes to shorts, we have collaborated with some of the best in the streetwear business. And we are proud to showcase our collection.

The 5 Best-Selling Shorts to Grab Now!

Whatever your needs may be, we have got the shorts for it. This is a compilation of our best hits. We picked out what we think are excellent pieces that are definitely worthy of your consideration.

1.    Pop Smoke x Vlone King of NY Shorts – Black

Today’s rappers influence streetwear immensely. Pop Smoke was one such rapper. In his short time in the industry, he gained a massive following. With his deep and brash voice and his drill beats, he became a massive hit all around the globe. Though he was taken too soon. Pop Smoke x Vlone King of NY Shorts – Black piece can now be considered a tribute to him.

2.    Vlone Skully Red Flame Shorts – Black

Remember those shirts? Those black shirts with the yellow flames on them? Those shirts that Guy Fieri used to wear. Well, this is something similar. In an ironic twist, Vlone Skully Red Flame Shorts – Black have actually become quite popular on the market. And so, we suggested these elevate your taste to that of the peak of the late 90s/early 2000s. If you want, you could even consider this a tribute act.

3.    Vlone Celluloid Shorts – Black

Vlone Celluloid Shorts are shorter. These are far more daring than any of our other shorts. These are what you would call ‘booty shorts’. Made from celluloid, a lightweight material, these are perfect to wear to bed or maybe to a dark and mysterious party with thumping bass and beats. Up to you if you want to explore that taste of daring.

4.    Vlone x No Vacancy Inn OG Shorts – Black

No Vacancy inn is an offshoot of HYPEBEAST. Yes, the world-famous streetwear brand. To bring a different flavor to what we make, we thought it would be perfect if collaboration were to happen with them. So, we made it happen. It’s sharp, playful, and even projects that powerful feeling you’ll get when you wear these.

5.    Vlone x Bad Boy Skull Shorts – Black

Are you edgy? Are you a bad boy? Are you still the kind of person who would love to have skulls on their clothing? If so, these are the shorts for you. Whether you’re going to bed or you’re fighting in a boxing ring, these are sure to show everyone that you are extra edgy.

Buy It Before It Gets Out of Stock

VLONE Officials are putting a top of the line merch out there. As always, when it comes to trendy streetwear like this, you never have too much time before stocks start running low. Limited editions only last so long. So, if you liked the showcase of this collaboration, then definitely hop on and get yours before it’s gone. If this isn’t your thing, then no worries. Visit our site and look around.

We have plenty of other stuff that will also interest you. Other collabs, and even independently produced stuff that you are bound to like. Just place an order, and we will do our best to make sure we deliver only top-quality and original clothing to you. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yours now!