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Get The Best Quality Varsity Jackets from VLONE

Ah, yes, varsity jackets. Also known as letterman jackets. A traditional jacket that dates back to the early days of Harvard when the Baseball team members started wearing them. They are an American staple, as American as apple pie, as they say. Though they have started to catch on in other parts of the world too. However, varsity jackets aren’t just something that varsity athletes wear. It used to be like that, but not anymore.

Varsity jackets have caught on in mainstream fashion. Today, there are many custom-made or off-the-rack varsity jackets with all sorts of different designs. The style of those jackets has been adapted rather creatively. Today, we, VLONE, will explore the brilliant and creative varsity jackets that we have in our collection.

The 5 Best-Selling Varsity Jackets Available At Our Store!

Out of our perfectly curated, and well-organized collection, we have picked out five of the best jackets that we think would look amazing on you. Scroll down to take a look!

1.    Asap Rocky AWGE All Smiles Smiley Varsity Jacket

Today’s rappers influence streetwear immensely. What they wear becomes trendy. We did a collaboration with one such rapper, the famous, ASAP Rocky. This colorful jacket that we’ve put out is a unique blend of our streamlined designs mixed with ASAP Rocky’s creative input that makes for a truly stylish jacket.

2.    Gucci Band Varsity Jacket – Purple

Speaking of rappers, this collaboration came about with Gucci Mane. We were very excited to work with and create with the Atlanta rapper. The whole jacket has a clean and defined look to it. The off-white pairs beautifully Gucci Band Varsity Jacket – Purple to create a classic varsity look. And there’s nothing wrong with the classics.

3.    Off-White Cropped Varsity Bomber Jacket – Black

But, of course, if you are going for a more grunge/punk/early 2000s kind of look, then this is definitely the jacket for you. A heavy-duty Off-White Cropped Varsity Bomber Jacket – Black with two diagonal arrows on the back of it, creating a rather in-your-face sort of look. This is sore to pull a few looks.

4.    Palm Angels Patch Logo Varsity Jacket

And if you want a more subtle, yet elegant look, maybe you should take a look at this beauty. A Francesco Ragazzi project is one of the most stylish options we have in our collection. It conforms to the definition of a varsity jacket for sure, but it also quiets itself down by removing the characteristic white stripes that are always on the ribbed cuffs and hem.

5.    Off-White Diag ‘Green Man’ Wool Blend Varsity Jacket – Black

One of the most unique varsity jackets that you will ever see, this is a collab between OFF – WHITE, and VLONE. A product of Art Basel, this will definitely carry upon your shoulders as a sharp fashion statement with the way this jacket stands out. The massive OFF–WHITE logo and the lettering on both sleeves, and the peculiar but funky drawing on the back that is sure to stare into everyone’s eyes as they walk behind you. This jacket will definitely prove to be a big hit wherever you wear it.

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