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VLONE X Fragment

To make sure of glorifying your street-wear culture, VLONE association with the latest fragment designs on the way. It will give authentic results for those who tend to make a viable appearance in the way of mainstream fashion. The stock products of VLONE x Fragment are launched periodically & every time online buyers face exceptional revelations. The rate of Fragment design followers rapidly exceeding on the launch of the latest collections. Well, this credit goes to the Fragment Designer named Hiroshi Fujiwara. Some of the fine or above-rated fragment products include a jumpsuit, leather parka, flannel or canvas parka, etc added in Vlone Store. the reason of Fragment Upscale is due to major affluent of brands like  Levis, Jordan, Nike & Converse but now further move on with the major collaboration of VLONE excels the new shocking wave for the clothing lovers.

VLONE Fragment Leather Jacket

Get the shiny, cozy as well as the glossy collection of Vlone x Fragment Bomber Jacket outfits. The designs seem to be so unique & exceptional & no matter what is the cooling temperature of the climate inside or outside the premises, this jacket tends to cover every minor part of your body & depicts the moderate atmosphere. When it comes to designs a logo, you would love to find the strong electrifying V-logo at your back. The jacket got many positive reviews & it would declare as the best gift for the winters.

VLONE Fragment Friend Staple Hoodie

The pure example of VLONE clothing depicts the main vision of remains alone. The outfit contains the jet black color with the addition of a VLONE Fragment Friend Staple Hoodie design on the Friend Logo. The logo is printed at the front & the quality of the fabric contains the best assemble of thread particles. At the back, you would love to find the strong electrifying V-logo. The outfit became so optimistic in every manner & it would declare as the best gift for the certain occasions.

VLONE X Fragment Tee

When we talk about the whole merchandise stock, it can’t be complete without the addition of a soft cotton tee. Fragments also introduce the bests of best in the collection of summer Vlone X Fragments Tee t-shirts. The fragment V logo appears on the front of the black cotton t-shirt. The designs seem to be so exclusive & outstanding & no matter what kind of heating temperature surrounded you, this cotton fabric tends to moderate you & absorb sweating.

VLONE Fragment Staple Scarf

When we came across to visit the Fragment designs in accessories, the VLONE Fragment Staple Scarf is the best use for women customers. The Fragment V logo is printed on the front of this staple scarf. This Fragment Logo is present inside the circle. The scarf contains transparent fabric which looks so prominent & must use as a neck wearer also.

VLONE Gold Plated Pendant Necklace

One of the most underrated & stylish icon gifts must propose to love ones. VLONE Gold Plated Necklace is just more than exceptional. This is one of the most stylish fragment designs ever; the specialty contains the pure Fragment V which is exposed to more than 100 zirconia stones inside it. The combination of the Gold V pendant with the shining stones depicts its elegance & purity. This pendant is present in the sturdy & double Gold clotted chain. Wear it on any occasions; this must be the moment of eye-catching of everyone towards you.